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I love mine! People always ask me about it when we’re on a walk and my dog has no issues wearing it. I guess it feels like a regular harness to him. Good place to keep keys , poop bags etc!

Kelly M.

Let me just tell you, it's the most adorable thing!
It's SO well made! It doubles as a harness, you can attach a leash to it. There's also a special pouch to carry your poop bags in and the straps are super adjustable for the perfect fit!


Not only is it incredibly adorable, it also has some really awesome features!
🐾 The buckles and straps are well placed, so they help the backpack stay in place without the need to make it too tight.
💩 The Poop Bag pouch! Not only is it convenient, but If you aren’t near a garbage bin, the bag can be stored in the backpack. 🌬 The underside is mesh, which allows for airflow and helps keep them cool! 🔑 Main compartment can store your keys, dog food/snacks, maybe a sandwich? 


You’d be surprised at how useful a well fitting #dogbackpack 🐾 can be plus it comes in my signature color, pink! 💕🎒💕This backpack by @puppyboutique.ca is also a super adjustable #harness that you can attach a leash to. There is a pouch for poop 💩 bags and all your doggy essentials!


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